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Modigraf Patient Pack

Ensuring that children take post-transplant medication as part of their routine as they may be on this medication for the rest of their lives so need to get used to taking it daily.

The challenge

Children need a little incentive to remember to take their medication or something to encourage them to take it.

The Insight

Produce a jungle-themed patient pack, using original illustration, to engage and attract younger patients and assist them with remembering to take this medication. A ‘rewards booklet’ was developed in which a child can place a sticker to mark off each day that they take their medication alongside fun activities on the same jungle theme.

Our Strategy

Modigraf contains tacrolimus, an immunosuppressant given to children following organ transplant to help their body accept the transplanted organ. If they don't take this medication, there is a risk that their body will reject their new organ. 

It is so important that transplant patients adhere to their tacrolimus medication and this patient pack will certainly help children to do that, giving their transplant the best chance of success.

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