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Catacrom Campaign

A crowded market and a product that has many competitors and half of their budget.

The challenge

One of main things consumers don’t like about having itchy eyes is that their eyes go very red and watery. And for those who can wear make-up it can cause make-up to run and spoil.

The Insight

Develop a campaign that would stand out and attract attention. And give consumers the message that there is something they could do to stop allergies firstly hindering their eyesight and causing irritation as well as spoiling the appearance of their eyes.

Our Strategy

Catacrom Eye Drops are for the relief and treatment of allergic red, watery, itchy and puffy eyes caused by hayfever, house mites, and other causes of allergy such as pets or outdoor plants and grass.

Catacrom Design
Grace Comms Catacrom Design
Catacrom Design

Grace understood our optical brands and their challenges. The original creative for Catacrom was so beautiful and impactful,

we loved it.

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